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Derby Portraits.

Derby Portraits are a company that is dedicated at providing a service that allows you to have our artists paint a beautiful portrait of your loved one or pet, and present it to you in the finest oil paints and on a canvas size that you choose.

A variety of sizes are available for you to choose from, and your portrait will only be sent out to you on your approval when it is finished.

Our artist has reproduced some of the most beautiful portraits and some of the samples for you to view of them are in the portfolio section, please take time to have a browse. You can see the stages of your portrait come to life so you get a better idea of the artistic work involved.

Details on how to place your order are in the FAQ section of our site, also there will be a list of questions you may want to know about before you place your order, if the question you wish to ask is not in that section then just let us know via the inquiry form.


Our artist have satisfied thousands of customers from our studio location and aim to continue that tradition with online service.   

Our goal is to provide you individual service as customized as your painting. 

When you have a custom portrait painted,  you are preserving a memory that will be enjoyed for generations to come.  The timeless style of an portrait preserves the memorable characteristics of a loved one for all to admire. 

If you want award winning work by high priced artists (£1,000 - £30,000+), look here.  But if you want high quality portraits that will have people asking, "Where did you get that done?" look no further than Derby Portraits.



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